​​​​​The Agricultural Internship program is designed for undergraduate students from developing countries and is processed through participating universities only.

This program exposes more than 3,500 students each year from 30 developing countries and provides practical and theoretical trainings on technologies, methods of growing and managing a modern agricultural farm, so that in their return they will be able to apply the knowledge and skills acquired for the development of agriculture in their respective country.  

The program is an 11-month agricultural apprenticeship and is part of the academic curriculum of the participating universities.  The program encompasses both in class theoretical lectures and practical training and work in the farms. The program is a unique tool for exposing developing country students to technologies and methods of growing and managing a modern agricultural farm. The Joint Committee for the Regulation of the Agricultural Internship Program includes members from three Israeli Ministries (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Interior). Representing the Ministry of Agriculture is CINADCO and addition is professionally responsible for the curriculum of the academic program.