​The Center for International Agricultural Development Cooperation - CINADCO - is the central system within the Ministries of Agriculture and Foreign Affairs in all matters related to technical-agricultural cooperation with developing countries.

Israel has maintained cooperation with developing countries ever since 1958. The cooperation is done with emphasis on combining the hands-on and professional experience in the fields of agricultural and rural development in Israel. The countries with which Israel cooperates are developing countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, the CIS, and East Europe.
The activity is sponsored by the State of Israel’s cooperation and aid policy as a part of the Agency for International Development Cooperation in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

​Cooperation Policy Goals:

  • Advancement and accomplishment of political objectives of the State of Israel.
  • Development and execution of technical-agricultural cooperation in developing countries. 
  • Assistance in advancing economic goals and Israeli “Blue-White” exports. 
  • Assistance in developing bilateral and multilateral cooperation programs, including plans for joint financing together with the international aid community, donor countries, and aid organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).​

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