The Center District spreads from Haifa in the north until Mikve Israel, Yahud and Nahshonim in the south, and from Nahal Iron in the east until the Mediterranean Sea in the west.

In the district there are 83 Moshavim, 42 Kibbutzim, 12 cooperative settlements, 31 Arab villages, 17 rural communities and settlements, and 12 research institutes. The districts settlements belong to 7 Regional Councils and 3 Drainage Authorities.

Most of the settlements in the district are in priority area C by the definition of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Employment. The Ministry of Agriculture works toward changing the agricultural priority areas in a way that will allow receiving investment grants according to investment encouragement plans. With the change of definition, the grants will be given according to ecological agricultural fields.


Out of the overall territory of the district, about 133,000 acres are allocated for agricultural use.

The district is characterized by the wide diversity of soils, among them Loess (red soils, "light to medium"), Clay – Gromosol ("heavy" soil), mountainous Rendzina and Terra Rosa soils. The average annual precipitation in the district is 550-600 milliliters.

The diverse topography and topo-climate in the district allow the growing of diverse crops, from tropical to deciduous crops suitable for cold climate.