​​​Soil Conservation and ​Engineering

Activities within the framework of this department, with the assistance of the Geographic Information Systems: developing preservative cultivation methods, preventing soil impoverishment in cultivated fields, usage of water sources and slowing down rivers that affect the water flow and soil erosion.

In addition, the department creates simulations for forecasting the strength of river flow, for increasing the efficiency of developing drainage facilities and infrastructure.



The training staff of the district has developed a diverse training program which includes:

·         Industrial fish farms in Kibbutzim and Moshavim

·         Almonds - atomization of fruit picking

·         Olives for oil - increasing the crops, quality control

·         Shading nets for Bananas

·         Spices branch - isolated platforms for chives

·         Water cycle for greenhouses

·         Figs

·         Majhul dates - expanding groves in Bikat Hayarden                and installing a sorting machine that saves on manpower

·         Disinfestations of Rhynchophorus ferrugineus

·         Pomegranates - expanding and designing groves

·         Cultivars of Cucurbitaceae

·         Disinfestations of Thrips tabaci - increasing crops by 70%

·         Disinfestations of Planococcus citri

·         Ventilation of chicken coops and energy savings

·         Computerizing cowsheds and robotic cowsheds

·         Tuff trenches for mango groves - increasing crop yield in        marginal fields

·         Tissue culture of bananas and dates

Developing Arab villages in the district​

·         Agricultural assistance

·         Planning and executing the removal of cowsheds and            pens from the village area

·         Emek Beit Netofa project

·         Consultation and development of different branches              ​as part of the general plan of the Ministry

·         Encouraging the transition to irrigation with recycled              wastewater

·         Tending to the Bedouin villages according                              tgovernmental ​decisions

Rural development in the district

The district is engaged in implementing "rural ​  ​2000" project:

·         Surveying current state of agricultural-tourism projects          in the district.

·         Updating surveys on country lodges and                                ​touristic attractions.

·         Training employees for the project

·         Executing a Kibbutz model of "rural 2000" in Dovrat

·         Participating in drawing up tourism master plans

·         Guiding family initiatives in the field of rural tourism.

Different issues handled in the district

Changing grape species in Bikaa vineyard, net covering of orchards and groves for export, handling crop development, promoting the Dairy Farm Reform, developing new technologies for orchards and groves, covering Tuff trenches and automating fruit picking, developing and growing green spices for export, usage of wastewater, agricultural development in the Arab sector, developing rural tourism.

Plow in Ha'amakim District