​Dates - accelerated development of the date branch (Majhul) in Bika'at Hayarden. Development and implementation of an automated sorting system for the dates and saving 90% of manpower needed for manual sorting, in addition, saving on the investments for building packing houses.

Olives for oil - developing and fostering the field of olives for olive oil, forming tasting teams, getting international authorization for the quality of the oil, implementing automated olive picking, designing groves, and building the management-agricultural interface.

Almonds - fostering a cultivar with high-crop value and increasing the crops of farms by dozens of percentages.

Green spices - developing the field and helping dozens of families join the cycle of people who make a living of agriculture in this field.

Tuff trenches in mango groves - developing the Tuff trenches as an alternative to uprooting groves with low crop yield and increasing the crop by about 300%.

Industrial fish farming - building two industrial fish farms in Kibbutzim and two in Moshavim in the district.

Integrated pest control - the development of the model was performed in the district and now includes thousands of acres.

Vineyards in Bika'at Hayarden - replacing vineyards that produce grapes for eating in Bika'at Hayarden with high yielding species, and increasing export.

Sheep and Goats - creating sheep herds for milk and meat production and goat herds in the Moshavim of Bikora and in Bka'at Hayarden (about 12 herds).

Robotic dairy farms - implementing robotic milking in dairy farms of Kibbutzim and Moshavim.

Field crops - agrotechnics for precise cultivation in areas of low crop yield and local treatment for required repairs. In addition, agrotechnics for uncultivated fields of about 13,000 acres, for the purpose of minimizing erosion and re-cultivating fields.

date tree