Ha'amakim District has the largest number of active farmers and the largest amount of agricultural activity out of all the districts. About 6,500 farmers are active in the district. It spreads from the northern side of the Kinneret until the northern side of the Dead Sea, from the Jordan River until Shfelat Hahof and the Haifa bay. The district has six main activity centers: Afula, Beit She'an, Bikat Hayarden, Emek Hayarden, Zvulun and Shomron. The district commands over about 1.7 million acres, out of which over 200 thousand acres of agricultural lands.

The nature of the geography of the district is characterized by its topo-climatic diversity. In Mishor Hahof the climate is temperate; in Shever Hayarden - from Emek Hyarden until Megilot – the climate is warm and not as temperate; in Shomron and Binyamin the climate is mountainous and cold. The district goes to great lengths to properly meet the needs of each topographic and geographic area.

The district is responsible for 13 regional councils and 34 local councils of: 79 Kibbutzim, 69 Moshavim, 3 settlements, 4 agriculture schools, 23 villages, 92 community settlements, 3 Mitspim, and 16 cities.

In Haamakim area there is large reserves of agricultural land suitable for field crops and open area crops. The area has a special climate suitable for sate groves, bananas, mango, avocado, citrus, grapes for eating, almonds, olives and pomegranates. In addition, there are also marginal water sources and salty water used by the fishery and date industries, and wastewater produced by Tishlovet Hakishon used for field crops and groves.

Agriculture in the district is important for soil conservation, usage of marginal water resources that have no other uses, supply of agricultural produce from the fish industry, field crops and sub-tropical groves and so on.

Emek Hayarden settlements, Bikat Hayarden and Bikat Beit She'an are peripheral low-populated areas of the country’s eastern border, and for that reason the agricultural development is important for stabilizing the livelihood and expanding the rural settlement in the area. 

Main agricultural industries in the district

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