Planning and building and rural development


The district representatives are the representatives of the Minister of Agriculture on two District Committees of the Ministry of Interior: Jerusalem district and Center district. The district advises and reviews plans of the District Committees on the Drainage Law, building, saving water and other issues regarding agricultural soil conservation.

Each year, the district deals with about 350 applications for building permissions, most of which are not of agricultural nature, and this stems from the location of the district, which is the center of Israel, the lack of assistance given to priority zone C, and the wish of farmers to make a living through alternative occupations that are not directly agricultural.

In accordance with the Ministry's policy on rural development, the district deals with applications submitted to the regional councils, creating master plans, outline plans and settlements plans. The district partakes in steering committees and approves participation of up to 40% in the plan drawing costs.

In 2006 several master and outline plans have been approved in Gush Etzion, Modi'in and Matte Yehuda councils: a master plan for tourism and an outline plan for the settlements Tzuba, Nativ Halamed-Hey and Tzora'a.

In 2007 several applications regarding settlements' master and outline plans were reviewed, as well as theme plans such as the bicycle routes plan.

In addition, the councils submitted a few requests for funding courses within the realm of rural development. Among these courses: producing aromatic oils, rural bed and breakfast, entrepreneurship, young leadership and more.