Activity in the fields of soil conservation, drainage and the Pasture Authority

​​​Soil Conservation and Drainage Department's roles​

To develop and conserve the productivity of lands and open fields in Israel and to guide the Drainage Department's actions, according to the Drainage law. The current activity focuses on the following issues:

  • Reviewing soil conservation and drainage plan, according to the Ministry's funding of about 1 million NIS a year.
  •   Preparing and authorizing plans for planting, pasturing, reservoirs and so on.
  • Encouraging planning and implementing water saving irrigation systems and the usage of wastewater.
  •  Cooperating with the Drainage Departments of Lachish, Sorek and Yarkon, on tender committees, departments' plenum and engineering committees.
  •  Recommending and reviewing the Planning and Building Committees' plans for drainage and usage of water saving​​construction standards in urban planning.

​Inter - ministerial activity in national projects

International projects involve inter-Ministerial cooperation, for example: restoring rivers and their environment, like Ayalon and Sorek. The Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Interior, the Water Commission and the District's Regional Councils collaborate on these projects.
In the past two years, soil and topo-climatic surveys were performed in the settlements Hafetz Hayim, Yesodot and Mishmar David. The district led the planning of agricultural lands and the planning of greenhouses for absorbing the evacuees of these settlements in Gush Katif.
The national benefits brought about by these projects are open fields that will be developed as a green lung, the prevention of river floods and more.​

Pasture Authority

The district has some 25,500 acres of pasture land run by the Pasture Authority.
About 60% of this is used for permanent pasture and about 40% is used for seasonal pasture.
The district is working on developing pasture areas and herds for permanent pasture on the land. In the past few years the number of herds increased significantly and the Ministry is assisting by allocating lands and funding the preparation and improvement of pasture areas through agro-technical activities. The national benefits brought about by this program are the preservation of open lands, prevention of forest fires and the protection of national territories. 

Pasture areas