​Dairy farms reform

This is a national program whose aim is to minimize environmental damages, and to promote the dairy farm industry both technologically and economically. Dozens of dairy farms have been rebuilt and/or upgraded in the Moshav and Kibbutz sectors according to environmental, engineering and technological regulation. The program is executed with professional support and funding assistance from the district and Ministry.


In the Negev district there are about 197 dairy farms: 152 in Moshavim and 45 collective dairy farms.

Grant applications in the sum of 517.9 million NIS have been submitted as part of the reform.

Grants in the sum of 170.9 NIS were approved.

By the beginning of 2007, 78.8 million NIS have been paid.

​Agricultural tourism and non-agricultural activity

The aim of the program is to develop and expand alternative-complementary sources of income for the farmers, as part of the overall rural development. This program combines agricultural activity with the development of a wide range of occupations, which are directly connected to agricultural production, and new agricultural activities that are compatible and suitable for the rural area.


In the past few years there was great growth in the field of agricultural tourism in the Negev, especially in Arava and Eshkol. Private tourism initiatives were built (simmers (country lodges) and attractions) as well as initiatives and festivals that are attractions for the domestic tourism.

Encouraging employment in the Bedouin sector

Locating activities and promoting agricultural-touristic and other initiatives in the Bedouin sector. Sheep and Goats are a main agricultural branch and the district handles the pasture permissions and developing plans for intensifying this field. The district is collaborating with the governmental Ministries, regional councils, Bedouin Development Commission, the Negev Development Authority and other bodies, and is promoting activities that will provide employment and economic development for the sector.