Activities in the districts


Planning and building

The district deals and reviews requests and building permission plans for agricultural projects and others. Plans are submitted for agricultural buildings and other types of construction in the rural area, among which: greenhouses, packing houses, rural bed and breakfast, lodgings for foreign workers, stables and so on. In addition, requests to change intended use of the property according to the Planning and Building law. In 2006, 343 applications for different types of building permissions were handled and reviewed.

Planning Department roles:

  • The department is responsible for implementing the policy of planning and development of rural settlements and agriculture. The activity is performed according to geographic areas and other parameters. Areas of responsibility:
  •   ​Investment Authority - handling requests and performance reports.
  • Foreign workers - handling requests for worker allocations.
  • Representation on statutory committees.
  • Handling requests for building permissions.
  • Dairy farm reform.
  • Regional master plans.
  • Agricultural tourism.
  • Allocations of Methyl Bromide.
  • ​Other issues - avian influenza, natural disasters, Separation Plan and so on.


Soil Conservation Department

The Soil Conservation and Drainage Department is handling the district's drainage, land reclamation, soil conservation and pasture. 

Water Department

The district handles a number of issues regarding agricultural water:

·         Water assignment for agriculture

·         Requests for investments in the field of water that are handled by a professional judgment committee.

·         Sub-committee on sewage.

·         Water recycling committee.

·         Handling master plans for water supply.

The Bedouin sector

The Negev district is promoting and handling agriculture in the Bedouin sector. Special resources are allocated for adjusting the tools and facilities of the Ministry to the different agricultural needs of the population. Issues handled by the district:

  •      Pasture allocations
  •      Pilot farms
  •    Joint Research
  •  Cultivation of fields
  •     Chicken coops
  •   Greenhouses for vegetable and flower crops


Professional Training Service in the district

The Professional Training Service of the district is located in Gilat districts' offices and in the Lachish Training Office. In addition to training provided by the district's instructors, training is also provided by instructors from other districts, according to professional subject and agricultural needs.

Training subjects: vegetables, flowers, groves, citrus fruits, field services, plant protection, dairy farm, flock, field cultivation and production economics.

The training activity consists of constant training, research, professional seminars and courses.


Statutory roles

The district handles planning issues on different levels, according to the Planning and Building law:

  • Attendance on the district committee and its sub committees.
  • Participation in local Planning and Building Committees.
  • Participation in steering teams that draw outline plans and master plans.
  • Building permissions for agricultural structures.

The district handles about 12 master and outline plans for the Negev. For example:

  •    Districts outline plan 14/4 and its regulations.
  •     Agricultural structures plan.
  •    Master and outline plan for Merhav Shikma.
  •    Master plan for dry waste.


Dealing with different and diverse subjects

  •  Requests submitted to the Programs and LandsCommittee.
  •  Committee on new crops.
  •  Requests for permissions that are irregular according to the Settlement Law.
  •  Agricultural tourism, touristic greenhouses and  touristic master plans.
  •  Collaboration with the different government Ministries and KKL (Jewish National Fund) on regional plans.
  • ​ Handling other issues, like: new residents, family farms, helping evacuated farmers from the Gaza region to return to work, Avian Influenza, security fencing, natural disasters in agriculture, building new settlements, dealing with the fighting around Gaza and helping farms, special water supplements for the Negev, conserving national lands and more.